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14 years of protecting Kiwi kids' eyes from UV

Visique is making it easy to take care of young eyes.

Because 80% of children's learning is visual, it makes sense to look after their eyes from an early age. This will help them retain healthy eyes when they reach adulthood.

Click here to download a guide for your children's eye health.

The dangers of UV rays

Young eyes have larger pupils, which let more light into the inner parts of the eye, including harmful UV rays. This can lead to long-term eye damage and cataracts later in life. That is why Visique recommends children be fitted for sunglasses from their first day of school.

For the fourteenth year in a row, many local Visique practices are working with local schools to give free sunglasses to new entrants to help protect their eyes from New Zealand's powerful UV rays.

Contact your local Visique to see if your school is involved in this initiative.

Eye problems in children can occur. As well as keeping young eyes safe in the sun, be sure to talk to your Visique optometrist if you notice your children displaying the following symptoms:

  • Lose their place while reading or use fingers to maintain their place.
  • Avoid close work particularly reading.
  • Hold reading materials closer than normal.
  • Tend to rub their eyes or have headaches.
  • One eye drifts or aims in a different direction than the other.
  • Close or cover one eye or squint.
  • Omit or confuse small words when reading.
  • Seem to have a short attention span for their age.
  • Have poor hand-eye coordination for activities like playing with a ball.
  • Consistently perform below potential.


video cover

Visique optometrist and behavioural optometry expert, Keith Miller, advises parents on how to spot the signs of vision problems in children.

Make sure you and your family's eyes are protected from the sun this summer. Should you have any other queries regarding eye health, eye tests and spectacles, don't hesitate to ask or see your local experienced Visique optometrist. Visique also has a range of children's glasses so visit us today!

* Free Sunglasses Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • Offer is valid from 22 January 2018, while stocks last.
  • Offer is only valid to 5 year old new entrants of 2018 school year.
  • Offer is valid only at participating Visique practices and must be redeemed at a Visique location.
  • New entrant must come to their local Visique practice to be fitted for the free pair of sunglasses and voucher must be presented to redeem the offer.
  • One free pair per new entrant only.
  • Selected style and sizes of sunglasses available.