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Polarised? Graduated tint? Photochromic lenses?

10 January 2017
Sunglasses are available with many different lens technologies, that can help maximise what you do. We have put together a short summary to help you gain a better understanding of the difference between these three types of lenses.
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What do shoes and frames have in common?

27 October 2016
When it comes to buying a new pair of shoes, not only do you want to look good, you also need to feel comfortable. A nice pair of shoes will not only complement your outfit, they will boost your confidence and add that extra pizzazz in your walk. Quality should always be your first consideration especially if you are going to spend a lot of time in these shoes.
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Why daily contact lenses may be a great option for you!

02 September 2016
Have you experienced discomfort from contact lenses? Then perhaps you should talk to your optometrist about daily contact lenses. Melissa Hay, optometrist at Visique Milford provides us some great insight into the benefits of dailies.
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6 benefits of investing in a good lens coating

05 August 2016
Sick of having reflection on your lenses? When buying lenses, most people are unaware of the types of coatings that are available to them. With evolving technology, you can choose a coating for your lenses that will suit your lifestyle, ensure that your vision is very comfortable and also make you look good.
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5 Good Reasons to Wear Contact Lenses

15 June 2016
Being able to see well is important to all of us, as it is essential to performing day to day activities. Today, almost all eyesight conditions can be corrected with contact lenses. Contact lenses are more comfortable, convenient, versatile and affordable than ever before. You can wear them every day, or as an alternative to glasses for sport or special occasions.
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Waikato optometrist on New Year Honours List

Former Visique Rose Optometrist Paul Rose is a recipient of a Companion of the said Order for the New Year Honours List for his service to ophthalmology and optometry. 

"The award, for me, is the greatest honour to be recognised in your own country for your contribution.

"It's a wonderful aspect of being involved in something so positive, like giving people back their sight." 

In 1969, the Rose opened his own practice in Frankton, Hamilton. By the 1980s, he was delving deeper into contact lenses.

Rose said contact lenses were very poor back then, with only one type, materials that didn't breathe, with only 50 percent of people being able to wear them.

He created the Rose K lens for people who suffer from the condition Keratoconus. Keratoconus is when your cornea is a cone shape, rather than a normal round shape. This can make wearing and fitting contact lenses difficult. Keratoconus has been compared to "viewing a street sign through your car windscreen during a driving rainstorm".

His Rose K lens designs are now distributed internationally and Rose spends his time travelling around the world lecturing about the design. Since then, he has introduced other Rose K lenses for other variations of eye conditions, with another design due to come out in 2017.

His other awards include the British Contact Lens Association Industry Award 2014, the European Federation of Contact Lens and IOL Industries Award 2007, and the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (USA) Creative Design and Process Award 2000.

"Those awards are all basically industry awards. This one is different for me. I think it's great honour."

Check out the TV interview with Paul Rose - http://roseklens.com/home/rose-k-inventor-honored/

To find out more about Keratoconus, go to - http://roseoptom.co.nz/index.php/common-eye-conditions/keratoconus/